Kitchen Upgrades to Give Your House an Advantage over the Competition

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Excerpts from the article by Keith Loria:

The first step in making sure your kitchen is up to par is to upgrade to more durable products by adding stainless steel kitchen sinks, refrigerators and ovens.

Stainless steel, as it is a neutral color, is easy to match with just about any modern kitchen décor.

A nice backsplash can also do wonders.

Cast iron is a good alternative for sinks.

Think about adding additional sinks.

Another great amenity for the kitchen is a pot filler, or an extendable faucet that can be installed next to your stovetop or prep sink for easy water access.

Granite and quartz are the leading choices for countertops, especially for pastry chefs

If you’re looking to make food preparation even easier, moveable cutting boards, rinsing baskets and various trays and receptacles will help get the job done quickly and properly.

Whether you’re updating your kitchen for your enjoyment or to help your house stand out among the competition, these ideas can do wonders in opening up the eyes of a potential buyer.

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