Want to have a quick start for your own brokerage for $10k $5k? Buy mine before September 2020.


Hi. I’m Cliff Paulick. I’ve been in Tulsa Area real estate since 2010. From the start, I focused on the technology side of real estate, which led me to create a virtual tour company, that also did technology/social media consulting and services, that now mostly does process automation and custom programming for non-real estate.

I started End Zone Realty in 2012, and I was decently busy with both real estate and techie stuff for a few years. For a year or two, I’ve realized I don’t want to do real estate anymore because I don’t want my work to be location-dependent. If I want to a month-long trip, I don’t want to worry about my brokerage.

The Opportunity

End Zone Realty is a good brand, never having complaints or less than 5-star ratings. Its high quality, low quantity transaction history means it’s positively established but ripe for doing your own thing with it.

The End Zone Realty name plays into Oklahomans’ love for football and the concept of helping people with real estate actually succeed (getting to the end zone). There’s a lot of untapped marketing opportunity:

  • lifestyle branding content that’s actually interesting and relevant to Oklahoma
  • youth football sponsorships
  • squishy stress-relieving footballs in your office

What You Get

CPRE LLC is my brokerage’s entity, which I am not selling and have formally closed, which also ends the “End Zone Realty” trade name so it’s available for you to register. If you were to buy the LLC, you’d inherit its books, liabilities, contact list, etc. FYI: it doesn’t have any outstanding liabilities, bad debts, etc. All is above-board, managed well, but it’s simpler for me and less risky for you.

You’d have to register the trade name yourself.

Here’s what I’ve thought of so far, but there might be a few additional knick-knacks once I dig everything out:

  • EndZoneRealty.com domain name, website, and content:
    • About 40 pages and 100 blog posts (latest post was June 2018)
    • Over 500 resource links for agents (https://endzonerealty.com/resources/pros/links/), which has been well received nationwide
    • About 100 past contact form submissions, including potential clients, wanting details about down payment assistance, potential agents, and requesting to be added to RE Links page
  • EndZone.me domain name (currently used as Bit.ly shortlink domain)
    • Expires Dec 11, 2019
  • Metal yard signs, coroplast “for sale” and “open house” signs, and flyer boxes
  • 1 purchased MLS key box
  • Logo
  • Social media accounts:
  • Promo items:
    • Over 200 presentation folders
    • “Thank You” cards with envelopes
    • Circle stickers and such
    • Small vinyl banner

The Process

I’m asking for $10,000 $5,000 or best offer. Once we agree on the price and terms…

  • Your entity would need to have an OREC brokerage license with a named managing broker and inform OREC of using the trade name (it’s easy)
  • Once you have everything straight with OREC, you would apply to the Tulsa MLS, which I think is around $600. The managing broker has to be a full REALTOR® member and this fee is for the “named participant”. So even if you were to buy my entity but change the managing broker, you’d pay this fee anyway.
  • I would transition ownership of intangibles (e.g. website domain name, Google Analytics access, logins, brokerage’s virtual phone number) as well as physical items (e.g. yard signs, key box, etc.)
  • I’ll do my best to provide everything as quickly as possible but if I find more later when clearing out my office, I’ll pass it along
  • If you need tech help along the way, I’ll provide up to 5 hours to you, such as helping you setup Google Apps (e.g. email setup/migration), editing the website, consulting on how to market the brokerage, etc. — and as a friendly guy, I’m happy to receive your occasional phone calls along the way

The Value

Here are some rough numbers in comparison to you creating everything yourself from scratch:

  • $1k logo
  • $1k signs
  • 918-925-9989 virtual brokerage phone number (you have to transfer to where you want it) so yard signs can be used and 918-925-9935 virtual fax number (RingCentral ~$10/yr for 100 pages)
  • $108 MLS key box
  • $3k – $7k established domain name in the same industry in the same location with knowledgebase content
  • $1k – $3k established social media accounts
  • $5,000 free lifetime G Suite Legacy Free Edition for up to 10 users: ($50/yr X 10 users X 10 years)
  • Only know of positive public perception / brand equity

Get In Touch

Mobile: 918-289-6059
[email protected]