2011 Tulsa Realtors Committee Meetings adjourn

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2011 was the first year I served on any GTAR/NORES committees. I was enlightened and encouraged by the experiences I’ve had on the Data Systems and Sales Associate committees. I’m also on the Keybox committee, but we didn’t have any meetings this year.

Sales Associate Committee

The Sales Associate Committee had a novel year. We put on the first “3-Hour Tour” (name inspired by Gilligan’s Island) of Downtown Tulsa. 88 members attended the event on May 25, 2011. You can watch a video compilation below to get a feel for the great information shared by Ed Sharrer and share in the fun exploring Tulsa. Right around 9:40, Ed starts into the inspiration for his “Safari Tour” idea.

In addition to the great success of the 3-Hour Tour, the Sales Associate Committee also put on the fall Edutainment Day event on November 3, 2011, for which I was asked to present about Video for Real Estate. We had great information from Project Schoolhouse and other topics. As always, it was a full half-day of entertainment/prizes and education.

Data Systems Committee

The Data Systems Committee has had an important year gearing up for the newest Marketlinx product called “Fusion”. We’re one of a handful of MLS’ getting Fusion’s release so soon, and I think everyone’s looking forward to the enhancements, even if there might be some concerns about the required tech specs. Those older computers (I’d guess 3-5 years old) are probably worth replacing anyways to help keep up with the speed of business. We’re expecting a Q1 2012 release, with voluntary beta testers scheduled to get access in January.

We’ve also been working on the upcoming Realtor Ratings system, to be debuted shortly. The great part is that only CLOSED transactions are eligible to submit ratings. So phantom reviews and anonymous haters shouldn’t be a problem. Also, the MLS Association has control over the data and its display so we don’t get charged extra to show our good reviews. The Tulsa Area public will be able to benefit from trustworthy peer reviews.

List of GTAR/NORES Committees and Members

The 2012 volunteer sign-up concluded November 30, 2011, so we’ll soon discover who will be on each committee.

The GTAR/NORES Committee web page shows the current list of Board of Directors and Volunteer Committee members.

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