2012 Buyer and Seller Stats and Actionable Questions for Sellers

NAR gray logoFollowing is a mixture of stats and actionable questions that can help you think about selling your house in a research-based way:
  • Over 90% of buyers search for homes online. How will my property be marketed online?
  • Over 70% of sellers would prefer to list with an agent that offered to put up a video of their home. Do I want a video?
  • 89% of home buyers used a real estate agent. Is my listing attractive to both buyers and their agents?
  • 40% of buyers are referred by a friend, neighbor, or relative. How can I utilize my own network to spread the word about my house for sale?
  • 39% of buyers are first-time home buyers, and 65% of buyers are married couples. How can I best present my property, via staging or updating, to appeal to its potential/probable buyers?
  • Sellers have typically lived in their homes for 9 years, longer than the 6 year average of 2007. With 62% of buyers purchasing a home newer than their last, how does the look and feel of my home compare to its competition; do I need to do some updating to attract the best offers?
  • Most homes sold for 95% of their list price, with 40% of sellers offering incentives to attract buyers (most often assistance with home warranty policies and closing costs). How much do I want to net after fees, concessions to the buyer, and my own moving expenses?
88% of sellers were assisted by a real estate agent when selling their home in 2012, so, statistically, most people will use an agent to help sell their property.
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