End Zone Realty (EZR) is a licensed Oklahoma real estate brokerage that focuses on achieving clients’ goals. We use technology and high quality photos and video to improve communication, exceed expectations, and encourage client referrals.

About the Name

We like all sports (including soccer, ultimate frisbee, tennis, volleyball, racquetball, martial arts, cheerleading, and everything else), and we think they’re a good reference for real estate.

Just like real estate, sports can be fun but competitive and exciting but nerve-racking. We appreciate humankind’s love of sport and Oklahoma’s love of football.

So much of life happens around sports. When done right, it brings family, friends, and rivals together in an enjoyable atmosphere of professionalism, class, and long-term perspective.

Our homes are used for hosting “the big game”, entertaining, consoling, impressing, coaching our kids, and so much more.

The most important part of the End Zone Realty name is to convey teamwork.

The end zone is where points are scored. The team with the most points wins. And no individual can win a team sport on their own. That’s what we believe at all levels of service (broker-to-agent and agent-to-client).

For Agents

Our REALTORS® have the continual confidence that they’re valued members of the End Zone Realty team.

We don’t ever want an agent to feel like they’re competing against their own brokerage.

Whether a new agent, a part-timer, or Tulsa’s #1 REALTOR®, each of our agents is a winner when they deliver great service and high value to their clients.

For Clients

We want you to feel like your End Zone Realty REALTOR® is on your team*, helping you achieve your real estate goals, playing by the rules, and having a good time doing it.

You can trust that our REALTORS® and staff are never alone. They have our unique support and experience at the ready throughout client interactions, negotiations, and even if the going gets tough (which we do a good job of avoiding).

Do to others as you would
have them do to you.
The Golden Rule

As our client, you benefit from our distinct “on the same team” approach. It ultimately comes down us working by the Golden Rule.

At all times, we strive for great service and professionalism. We demonstrate our teamwork by treating you well and doing a great job of conducting thorough research, adeptly making deals, and staying in excellent communication.

We Can’t do it Without You

There’s no team without you!

Whether you have questions about buying or selling, just send us a message to…

“Team Up With End Zone Realty!”


* Without getting too deep into Oklahoma real estate licensing law, we don’t want clients to confuse our “on the same team” references with what used to be known as acting in the role of a “single party broker”.

Please enjoy exploring the rest of our site. It’s made just for you.