ActiveRain Points: The First 10,000 are the Hardest

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If you’re a real estate professional, you should join the ActiveRain community because:

  1. There are tens of thousands of your peers from across the nation. The interaction is unbeatable. And you’ll learn how things are the same and different around the country.
  2. AR scores well with search engines. The more active you are on AR, the more times Google picks up your name and your content.
  3. You get points! It may sound funny, but it is nominally rewarding. The motivation is being featured in your local area. For example, I recently got the #2 slot in Owasso, Oklahoma. The more points I get, the higher up I’ll rank in Owasso, then Tulsa County, then Oklahoma, etc.


ActiveRain is a website run by a company that wants to make money. When you sign up, you’ll learn that your blog posts can only be seen by people registered at (and logged into) If you want your blog posts to be viewable to the public, you’ll need to commit to approximately $20 or more per month… yikes! … and that’s the cheapest. When I was new, I got calls and emails along the line of, “Get your first month for only $1!” I didn’t even blink at it.

To a non-registered visitor, my profile is visible:

But my blog is not: — AR erroneously tells the visitor, “This user has not entered anything in their blog yet.”

But It’s Worth It!

ActiveRain says their site receives, “…over two million consumer visitors per month.” Even without paying, your profile is still viewable by the public–just not your blog. There are a lot of benefits. Why miss out on ALL THE GOOD just because of the drawbacks–isn’t that like anything in life? For one thing, don’t miss out on the referrals from other real estate professionals! (

How To Get ActiveRain Points

So you want to get on ActiveRain–or you’re on AR and want to rise in the rankings. You’re going to need points. Here are the basics on AR points from AR’s “Scoring FAQ” page:

We’ve incorporated a unique scoring system into the ActiveRain Real Estate Network to reward members who contribute to building the network. You can look at it almost as an investment, by helping us build a great real estate resource. The more points you have the more visibility you will receive within the network. As the network matures there will also be other ways in that points will be beneficial.

Your current score, what actions earned you points, and your rank within your market area is visible from your profile.

Listed below are the current ways of earning points.

Profile creation (up to 1,000 points)

Automatically earn up to 1,000 points by creating a profile on the ActiveRain Real Estate Network. Scoring is based on how thorough the profile is, which fields are provided, whether a picture is uploaded, etc.

Inviting Others (50 points + 10% bonus)

If you invite other real estate professionals to the ActiveRain Real Estate network you will receive a point bonus equal to 10% of the total points that they directly earn. You will also get recognition on their profile as being the member who invited them which can help drive more traffic to your profile. Inviting new members can be one of the quickest ways to earn additional points.


You receive points for writing quality blog posts in your blog on the ActiveRain Real Estate Network. The first ten posts made in a week automatically receive 200 points when they are made and the scores may adjust over the next several days based off of a scoring engine that takes into account over a dozen criteria to try and determine quality. Only public and members only posts will be scored, and points won’t be given to posts deemed to be purely advertising.

Helping other Members

When we see examples of members helping each other we may reward it. This may take the form of answering questions, making business referrals, etc.

Promoting the Network

If you do something to promote the network let us know and we’ll reward you with points for it. For example writing about us in your offsite blog, mentioning us in one of your marketing pamphlets, etc. We like to reward creativity.

Providing useful feedback on site

Members who provide useful feedback or suggest features for the ActiveRain Real Estate Network may receive points.

Exploring the site

Take a look around this site, you may find many “secret” ways of earning points.

To supplement the above information, Jason Crouch offers some more in-depth tips on racking up the points. It’s worth a skim or more:—a-wealth-of-tips-for-newbies-and-veterans-alike

10,000 Points

I just reached 10,000 AR points. Wondering how it happened? You’ve come to the right place…

  • Log in (100 points each day)
  • Activate your AR profile (100)
  • Fill in as much profile information as you can (516)
  • Add a high-resolution profile photo (1,080)
  • Write a blog post right away (750 if within first 48 hours)
  • View your profile scoring summary (50)
  • Write a blog post (225 + points for comments you receive)
  • Comment on someone else’s post (25)
  • Reblog someone else’s post (25)

As AR mentioned at the end of their FAQ page, just do stuff and be active and you’ll get points for unusual stuff.

Score Summary

At your AR homepage, there’s a link for “Points Summary”, and your points are categorized as such:

  • Profile Points
  • Invite Points
  • Blogging Points
  • Blog Comment Points
  • Linking Points
  • Bonus Points
  • Other Points

So you can see there are several ways to get points. Try to get points in each area!


If you’re featured (i.e. Top 2 in your chosen location–I chose Owasso, Oklahoma), it’ll look like this:

ActiveRain Owasso - Cliff Paulick

The First 10,000 are the Hardest

Originally, I thought of titling it “the Easiest” instead of “the Hardest”, and some of you might suggest I change it back. However, I’d like to encourage you to reach your first 10,000, and hopefully by that time you will have realized the many benefits of professional networking and communicating on ActiveRain. Bookmark AR and sign in everyday and you’ll be rewarded for your loyalty with timely articles, advice, and interactions.

I invite you to join ActiveRain, if you’re not already registered. If you are, tell me what you think about AR points. [ Bob Haywood, are you out there? (He’s a local friend and has a lot of points–just a friendly shout-out 🙂 ]

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