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Derek Jeter Should Pay Taxes on His Retirement “Gifts”

Fun · Read in 3 minutes 

Last week, New York Yankee shortstop and future Hall-of-Famer Derek Jeter played his last Major League Baseball game. He chopped a single to third in the third inning to drive in a run, then took himself out for good. That final hit brings his total to 3,465 hits, along with a .310 batting average, five […]

New Roommates… Houseplants!

For the Home · Read in 2 minutes 

  Interested in living a better life, enjoying some company, and being healthier? Get new roommates… I mean houseplants! Houseplants make great roommates because they share (oxygen), do nice things for you (clean), and make you a better person (feel better). The downside is that they won’t pay rent and require some attention, but they earn their […]

Existing-Home Sales Up 4.9% in May 2014

Real Estate Research, Stats, and Trends · Read in less than a minute 

National stats from (June 23, 2014): Existing-home sales were up 4.9% but down 5.0% YOY. This strongly hints the July 2013, sales decline is pretty much over. Distressed homes (foreclosures and short sales) accounted for 11% of May sales, down 18% YOY. First-time home buyers made up 27% of all buyers in May, down from […]