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TV Show Schedules in My Area

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Why Should I Care? I own a television. I sometimes watch it. Usually, however, my schedule revolves around family, work, or fun events, not TV events. I guess that’s why some genious created the idea of DVR. Another benefit… commercial skipping… nice! Maybe you watch TV and enjoy the commercials or you DVR shows to […]

Neon Open for Business

I Wish Everyone Was Available 24/7/365

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I wish I could contact anyone in any way (other than in person) any time of day. Right now, especially with local business dealings, it’s not socially acceptable to do so. Generally, if it’s before 8 or 9 in the morning, it’s too early to call an individual. Same for after 6, 7, 8, or […]

Don’t Litter Our Oklahoma Streets

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Recently, I witnessed a very sad occurance while driving. It left me scarred. Curious? Well, shortly before turning into my neighborhood, I watched–to my horror–the car in front of me just through out a large, plastic QuikTrip cup out of its window. It hurt so bad to watch it, and it was worse that there […]

HGTV’s “Designers’ Portfolio”: Get Inspired — Search by Room, Style, Color, and/or Designer!

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What a great tool from HGTV! HGTV’s Designers’ Portfolio Get Inspired Searched for: Kitchens, Contemporary, Brown, Any Designer Searched for: Bedrooms, English Country, Pink, Any Designer Searched for: Any Room, Any Style, Black, Christopher J. Grubb Searched for: Bedrooms, Transitional, Red, Any Designer Searched for: Living Rooms, Transitional, Green, Any Designer What Will You Think of […]

City of Tulsa: Reporting Problems Online

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I was browsing the City of Tulsa’s website and found the “Reporting Problems” section. I’m sharing it because I think it is of great utility and convenience for Tulsa residents and because it wasn’t the easiest to navigate to. I first clicked on a “Report a Pothole” link I found at a different page, which took […]

Tulsa County MLS Statistics for 2008, 2009, and July 31, 2010: Effects of the Expired “Housing Tax Credit”; the “Back To School” Trend

If you’re like me, you like to see data, not hear spin. So I did some digging in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system to discover the trends of our market. My parameters were: Tulsa County House / SFR (Single-Family Residence) List Price of $50,000 – $500,000 Closed / Sold / Completed Sales I chose […]

Oklahoma Broadband Initiative: Test Your Internet Connection Speed to Help Oklahoma

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“The Oklahoma Broadband Initiative is dedicated to expanding easy and accessible broadband services to citizens, community anchor institutions (health care facilities, schools, libraries, town halls), and businesses across the state” ( In an effort to obtain federal stimulus money to improve Oklahoma’s broadband infrastructure technology, please test your broadband Internet connection speed by visiting Testing […]