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Home Maintenance 101: 7 Things Every Home Owner Should Know

For the Home · Read in 2 minutes 

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon Published: September 2, 2011 It’s back-to-school time, and the perfect season to bone up on your home owner basics: standard DIY know-how that’ll keep your household running smoothly, day in and day out. So here’s your course: Home Maintenance 101. Review them when you can, and practice the techniques to ace […]

True Stories of the Most Annoying Neighbors Ever

Fun · Read in 4 minutes 

By: Dona DeZube Published: September 13, 2012 Here are 9 stories about the most annoying neighbors you hope never become your neighbor. Or have they moved in next door already? The leaves are starting to fall off the poplar trees in my yard, and that’s bad news. Not because I have to rake the leaves, […]

How to Kill and Prevent Bathroom Mold

For the Home · Read in 2 minutes 

By: Deborah R. Huso Published: January 14, 2013 Got bathroom mold? Here’s how to get rid of it and prevent future infestations, too. It’s one of the most common problems in any house; it’s also one of the easiest to prevent and cure — as long as you haven’t let it get out of hand. […]

Gary V’s How to Break through the Noise of Social Media

Info For Pros · Read in less than a minute 

Gary Vaynerchuk┬álaid it all out for us: Talent Matters. You have to hustle and you have to work. The dirty little secret of how you break through the noise of social media: have talent know how to communicate use the best products put in the hussle have a differentiator have a point of view care […]

When $20 Million is Greater than $20.1 Million

Fun · Read in 3 minutes 

Republished with permission. Labor Day has come and gone, and, while fall isn’t “officially” here, it’s time to put away those summer whites. Never mind that the mercury is still hitting 100 degrees in parts of the country; forget about those pennant races still heating up in the AL West and NL Central. This weekend, […]

Reimagining the Kitchen: Trends for 2013

For the Home · Read in 4 minutes 

By: John Riha Published: January 30, 2013 Today’s kitchen is a quick-change artist that adores families and loves simplicity. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, we’ve got good news and bad news. First, the good stuff. According to trend experts Lita Dirks and Dominick Tringali, you don’t have to shell out major cash to […]