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2011 Tulsa Realtors Committee Meetings adjourn

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2011 was the first year I served on any GTAR/NORES committees. I was enlightened and encouraged by the experiences I’ve had on the Data Systems and Sales Associate committees. I’m also on the Keybox committee, but we didn’t have any meetings this year. Sales Associate Committee The Sales Associate Committee had a novel year. We put on […]

The Rise of the HOA

Homeowner Associations (HOAs) Stats and History

Infographic published by HOATown, embedded from What you’ll learn about Home Owner Associations (HOAs) 8,000 new HOAs formed annually Several factors that led to the explosion of HOAs in the U.S. Approximately 25 million housing units with over 60 million residents are governed by HOAs 1.75 million people on HOA boards and 350,000 committee volunteers (1 committee […]

Heat, A/C, and more DIY Tips

DIY Home Insulation and HVAC Tips

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Infographic from, designed by Jon Hines, embedded from What you’ll learn about HVAC for your Home Annual checkups for Heat and A/C units Insulate your water heater tank and other areas of the home Install a programmable thermostat and low-flow shower heads Consider trees and other vegetation Quality windows can save on energy bills For […]

Rent vs Buy calculation

Rent or Buy? It Depends…

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Infographic published by, designed by ptvan, embedded from What you’ll learn about Renting vs. Buying The Rent vs. Buy decision depends on your area And how long you’ll be staying in that house To receive help considering your own personal Rent vs. Buy decision points, please contact me, and we’ll discuss your situation […]

Tulsa Real Estate Contractors

Interviewing and Hiring Contractors

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Infographic published by Build Direct, designed by Angie’s List, embedded from What you’ll learn about Contractors Questions a contractor shouldn’t ask you Handymen vs. Contractors Tips to ensure a quality experience For buying and selling real estate, please contact me. Additionally, I may be able to provide you with professionals in related industries like […]

What Your Home Will Look Like In 2015 | Fast Company

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What do you want to see in this decade’s newest construction plans? The NAHB has an idea… …The National Association of Home Builders is offering up a vision of how we’ll live in just four years–and it’s a little different than what you might expect. The NAHB sent out a survey last year that asked members–designers, […]

Real Estate Receivership on the Rise – 4 benefits

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4 benefits to buying real estate in receivership Lenders see foreclosure alternative as win-win By Tom Kelly In a nutshell, a receivership is an alternative to a foreclosure proceeding (where a lender takes ownership of the project) or a bankruptcy proceeding (a trustee takes control of the project). Receivers are court-appointed individuals given custodial responsibility […]