Looking for the next great thing in your real estate career? Team Up with End Zone Realty

If these benefits appeal to the way you work and want to run your business, let’s talk!

How We Work

  • Fully paperless, including eSigning provided
  • Work from home or wherever you have an Internet connection
  • Meet clients in public places or at their properties, like you always have
  • Cloud-based brokerage (Apple/Mac, Android, and Windows friendly)
  • Accessible, knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy broker: Cliff Paulick

Great Value

  • HD Walk-Through Video and HQ, wide-angle photos provided for your listings
  • Team-friendly CRM provided
  • Complimentary email address
  • Complimentary tech support (nearly unlimited) for all your devices
  • Complimentary business cards (2-sided, great quality, not others’ “free” cards)
  • Choose your compensation plan (low or high monthly fee with competitive or high splits)
  • No referral fees from broker leads/referrals
  • +10% split on the listings and buyers you bring with you from your previous Oklahoma brokerage
  • $$$ bonus from referred agent’s first closing(s)

Conditions may apply. Associates should consult Policy Manual.

Who We’re Looking For

We’re interested in you (yes, YOU) if you:

  • Have high ethics, are trustworthy, and live and work by the Golden Rule
  • Are a team player, treat all parties involved with genuine respect, and have a passion for your business
  • Are a full-time or part-time REALTOR® looking for a brokerage that works like you do: location-independent, cloud-based, mobile-friendly, tech-forward (not behind the times)
  • Have your own technology and want to maximize it for real estate (e.g. laptop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Can have fun!

Support Staff

Are you and admin or other support team member looking to connect? Submit our Contact Form to let us know you’re interested. All team members are important and valued!


Send Cliff this form to confidentially discuss your interest in joining the End Zone Realty team. Keep it short and sweet (for your benefit and his).