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Gary V’s How to Break through the Noise of Social Media

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Gary Vaynerchuk laid it all out for us: Talent Matters. You have to hustle and you have to work. The dirty little secret of how you break through the noise of social media: have talent know how to communicate use the best products put in the hussle have a differentiator have a point of view care […]


2011 Tulsa Realtors Committee Meetings adjourn

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2011 was the first year I served on any GTAR/NORES committees. I was enlightened and encouraged by the experiences I’ve had on the Data Systems and Sales Associate committees. I’m also on the Keybox committee, but we didn’t have any meetings this year. Sales Associate Committee The Sales Associate Committee had a novel year. We put on […]

The Rise of the HOA

Homeowner Associations (HOAs) Stats and History

Infographic published by HOATown, embedded from What you’ll learn about Home Owner Associations (HOAs) 8,000 new HOAs formed annually Several factors that led to the explosion of HOAs in the U.S. Approximately 25 million housing units with over 60 million residents are governed by HOAs 1.75 million people on HOA boards and 350,000 committee volunteers (1 committee […]

Oklahoma’s real estate rebirth

“Oklahoma’s real estate rebirth“, written by Steve Bergsman, was syndicated by Lowe’s and Inman News to a national audience of real estate professionals on September 21. What great publicity (and encouragement) for our local real estate market. Here are some quotes from the article: personal income growth at 8 percent is the fifth best in […]