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Derek Jeter Should Pay Taxes on His Retirement “Gifts”

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Last week, New York Yankee shortstop and future Hall-of-Famer Derek Jeter played his last Major League Baseball game. He chopped a single to third in the third inning to drive in a run, then took himself out for good. That final hit brings his total to 3,465 hits, along with a .310 batting average, five […]

True Stories of the Most Annoying Neighbors Ever

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By: Dona DeZube Published: September 13, 2012 Here are 9 stories about the most annoying neighbors you hope never become your neighbor. Or have they moved in next door already? The leaves are starting to fall off the poplar trees in my yard, and that’s bad news. Not because I have to rake the leaves, […]

When $20 Million is Greater than $20.1 Million

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Republished with permission. Labor Day has come and gone, and, while fall isn’t “officially” here, it’s time to put away those summer whites. Never mind that the mercury is still hitting 100 degrees in parts of the country; forget about those pennant races still heating up in the AL West and NL Central. This weekend, […]

Home Styles: What kind of house are YOU? : HGTV FrontDoor Real Estate

Fun · Read in less than a minute Learn about 24 popular architectural styles in HGTV FrontDoor’s Home Styles Guide. Discover the features and maintenance issues that make each style unique. Plus, check out classic examples, landmarks and current real estate listings for each style.

‘If Walls Could Talk’: A History Of The Home | NPR

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Listen to the enjoyable British accent as Lucy Worsley discusses the history of the interior of homes through the centuries. Book for sale for under $20 on Amazon.


2011 Tulsa Realtors Committee Meetings adjourn

Fun, Info For Pros · Read in 2 minutes 

2011 was the first year I served on any GTAR/NORES committees. I was enlightened and encouraged by the experiences I’ve had on the Data Systems and Sales Associate committees. I’m also on the Keybox committee, but we didn’t have any meetings this year. Sales Associate Committee The Sales Associate Committee had a novel year. We put on […]

Wall Waterfall by PitPistolet on DeviantART

Image: Waterfall Picture Frame

For the Home, Fun · Read in less than a minute 

I came across this photo and thought how refreshing it would be if it was in a house in the foyer/entrance (without the flooded floor of course). When visiting so many homes for sale, this would definitely help us remember that we visited – except we might forget the rest of the house!

Best Garage Sale Tips Ever

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Garage sales can be a fun, profitable, and enjoyable part of life, especially when moving or doing some Spring Cleaning. They can also be hectic and disorganized (not the goal of a garage sale). Hopefully the following info helps inspire you and ease your burden. Helpful Links Why I Like Garage […]

Everyday is a Holiday – Calendars, Events, History, and Fun!

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I like things that are able to be categorized, listed, bullet-pointed, calculated, mapped, and calendarized. No doubt, I am someone who likes orderly things, like financial analysis, CMAs, geotagging, address validation, mining databases, and browsing calendars. In a positive and reflective way, I believe there’s something to remember (and hopefully celebrate) every day: life, family, history, and […]

TV Show Schedules in My Area

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Why Should I Care? I own a television. I sometimes watch it. Usually, however, my schedule revolves around family, work, or fun events, not TV events. I guess that’s why some genious created the idea of DVR. Another benefit… commercial skipping… nice! Maybe you watch TV and enjoy the commercials or you DVR shows to […]