CFPB “Owning a Home” Site Launched

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CFPB’s new Owning a Home site officially launched January 13, 2015.

CFPB Owning a Home screenshot

Screenshot of CFPB Owning a Home site

Here are some excerpts from an email announcement received from CFPB (emphasis added):

CFPB's Owning a Home email graphic

Owning a Home has officially launched!

We are also proud to announce a new feature with this release. It allows consumers to enter information that lenders use to determine their interest rate and then provides them with a realistic range of what their mortgage interest rate could be.

We hope this tool will help consumers set realistic expectations. We expect lenders and counselors will benefit too – your clients will be better prepared, and you may even find yourself using the tool with them, to explain different options. Just like in weeks past, we hope you will test it out and let us know what you think.

Preview our latest tool at and send us your thoughts at owning-a-home [at]

Thank you again for all of your comments over the past few months. We hope you are just as proud of the Owning a Home tools as we are.

Oklahoma Mortgage Loan Interest Rates, January 2015

Screenshot from CFPB’s “Check Rates” Tool

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