As a client, you’ll be asked to sign up for Podio so we can securely share notes, PDFs, images, and other information with you in an organized manner.

Email is not a secure form of communication, but Podio is big on security and is owned by Citrix (the large corporation behind products like GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and ShareFile).

We use Podio to communicate securely with you and because it helps us stay more organized and therefore perform better for you.

Unfortunately, some clients have struggled getting comfortable with the Podio interface so we’ve created this page to help explain some how-to’s.

Why Should I Use Podio?

Signing up for Podio early in the process makes it easy to stay on top of all the paperwork that slowly accumulates.

Using Podio allows you to access all of the information for your listing or purchase 24/7 without relying on email searches or accidentally deleting important files.

Here’s some of the stuff we can provide you access to via Podio:

  • Documents you’ve signed
  • A customized “quick view” summary information for each offer/contract
  • Chat online (like Skype)
  • You can comment on each item directly in Podio

Once setup, the items shared with you via Podio will be displayed in an “Activity” or “Timeline” view (i.e. reverse chronological order), but you’ll be able to access all of the items, even older ones.

1. Sign Up for Podio

You first need to register for Podio so we know what email address you choose to use for Podio and so we share the Podio items with you.

If you get a share link from Podio, you can just sign up there to view what was shared with you, or you can proactively sign up at and then let your REALTOR® know which email address you used. Although Podio says to sign up with your “work email”, you can use whatever email you desire. You may also choose to login via Google or Facebook so you don’t have another username and password to remember.

If it mentions needing to create your own Organization or Workspaces or Apps, just click through to do so and you can just ignore them; it’s just part of Podio’s new user setup, but you don’t need to worry about this part. Just make it all the way through the sign up process and the rest should be smooth sailing.

2. Install the Podio Mobile App

While you can access Podio from any modern web browser via, they also have mobile apps you can use. We’ve noticed that clients seem to have an easier time navigating the mobile app than the web browser.

You can download the mobile app for your device at

3. Accessing Your Information in Podio

Here is a set of images to help walk you through setting up the iOS mobile app to get to all the items that have been shared with you (the last image in this series).

It should be similar on other types of devices too.

1 - Sign Up Screen

1 – Sign Up Screen

2 - Choose "Sign in" if you already have a Podio account

2 – Choose “Sign in” if you already have a Podio account

3 - Initial View once signed in... click the Main Menu in the upper left corner

3 – Initial View once signed in… click the Main Menu in the upper left corner

4 - View of the Main Menu... click to "All Workspaces" at the top

4 – View of the Main Menu… click to “All Workspaces” at the top

5 - List of All Workspaces... click "End Zone Realty"

5 – List of All Workspaces… click “End Zone Realty”

6 - End Zone Realty Workspace... click "Shared with you"

6 – End Zone Realty Workspace… click “Shared with you”

7 - View of Items Shared With You... the most recently created/updated appear at the top of the list

7 – View of Items Shared With You… the most recently created/updated appear at the top of the list

You might want to disable your Podio email notifications after allowing the mobile app to send you notifications. If you choose to do so, you can find your Podio notification settings at