Don’t Litter Our Oklahoma Streets

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Recently, I witnessed a very sad occurance while driving. It left me scarred. Curious?

Well, shortly before turning into my neighborhood, I watched–to my horror–the car in front of me just through out a large, plastic QuikTrip cup out of its window. It hurt so bad to watch it, and it was worse that there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

So I searched the web and was pleased to discover the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Beautification Office web page. Even better, I found the Litter Hotline and Car Litter Bags page. Success!

I wanted to report that little red car’s license plate and have ODOT’s goons go knock down that person’s door! Nevertheless, that’s not how the litter reporting program is designed…and I can’t say that’s a bad idea.

Litter Hotline

Statewide toll-free phone number: 1-888-5-LITTER (or 1-888-554-8837)

You report the litter violation (license plate; vehicle description; date, time, and location; and type of litter), and then ODOT sends them a nice postcard reminding them that littering is bad.

I suggest you visit ODOT’s Litter Hotline and Car Litter Bags page for more information about the Litter Hotline and to find out about getting free dashboard litter bags and bumper stickers!

Please keep our streets clean!

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