Goodbye Free GOOG-411. Hello Free Bing-411!

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I was trying to find a phone number while driving, and just because I have the Internet on my phone doesn’t mean I can get to it when behind the wheel. So I let GOOG-411 help me out. Usually when I call the GOOG-guy says, “Say the business name and the city and state,” and I quickly get connected.

However, I called yesterday and the GOOG-guy said, “After November 11, GOOG-411 won’t be available anymore. Visit for more information.” I think my jaw dropped–but I was alone in the car so who really knows… 😉 Alas, I visited the verbalized web address and found it to be true (announced October 8, 2010):

GOOG 411 Shutting Down

As you can see, Google doesn’t just hang up on you and leave you with a dead dial tone–they give other options to search by voice. I hope this doesn’t burst your bubble too much. To tell you the truth, I think Bing 411’s service was more accurate… I guess I just used GOOG-411 because I found out about it first.

Other Free 411 Services

Bing 411 and Free 411 are still available. Here’s a write-up from (emphasis original):

The end of GOOG-411 should not be a problem for those who found the service useful. Why?

Bing-411 (1-800-BING-411) remains available and offers many options available with voice-activated commands.

Bing’s technology comes from TellMe, a company Microsoft acquired in March 2007. Its phone number is still available and offers the same services as Bing-411. You can access it at 1-800-555-TELL.

Here’s a list of the top-level categories of info that Bing-411 provides:

  • Business Listings
  • Driving Directions
  • Stock Quotes
  • Sports
  • Cheap Gas
  • Traffic
  • Movies
  • Horoscopes
  • News
  • Travel
  • Weather
  • Time

To receive this list of categories simply say, “Tell Me My Choices” at anytime during your call.

In many cases, the info Bing-411 offers (for example, movie times) can be sent immediately as a text message. You can also set-up favorite features tied to the phone number you’re dialing-in from.

Finally, if you don’t mind a couple of 10-15 second advertisements, FREE-411 (1-800-FREE-411) offers both business and residential listings as well as weather and horoscopes.


If you didn’t know about GOOG-411 or if your jaw dropped when you heard they’re “hanging up” the service, I hope you’ll be happy to discover Bing-411!

Save it to your phone right now: “Free Bing 411” : 1-800-BING-411 : 1-800-246-4411

Also check out Bing’s other mobile stuff:

And visit Google’s too:

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