We offer discounted real estate services to sellers who are currently employed (or military veterans) in “hero professions”:
Firefighters, Active Military, Veterans, Peace/Police Officers, Educators, and EMT / Ambulance / Healthcare Workers, and related occupations.


We’re able to serve Heroes in all locations in the Greater Tulsa area.

Heroes, Get Registered Now!

Our Heroes

Our heroes include active military personnel, honorably-discharged veterans, law enforcement officers, firefighters, medical professionals (including EMTs), K-12 educators, and others who make our communities a better place to live.

Examples include…

Military / Armed Forces:

  • Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard
  • Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, ROTC, Honorably-Discharged Veteran
  • Enlisted and Officer
  • Combat Operations, Special Forces, Infantry, Security, Munitions
  • Pilot, Air Crew, Aviation
  • IT/Computer, Telecommunications, Engineer, Technician
  • Accounting/Finance, Mechanic, Information Security, Intelligence, Logistics

Law Enforcement:

  • Local and State
  • Officers, Investigators, and Detectives
  • Evidence, Crime Lab, and Intelligence


  • Part-time and Full-time firefighters
  • Fire science professionals
  • Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Chief, and Commissioner


  • Doctor, Physician, Practitioner
  • Nurse, Assistant, Physical Therapist
  • Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Pharmacist


  • Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, High School
  • Teachers, Counselors, Coordinators, Librarians, Principals, Superintendents


  • Suicide prevention for veterans
  • Just submit the form below and we’ll let you know!


Sellers receive a 25% savings on the End Zone Realty commission rate, or $100 off the limited service listing option.

Full Service Example

  • 6% full service commission rate:
    • 3% to End Zone Realty
    • 3% to the buyer’s broker
  • 3% – 25% =
    • 2.25% to End Zone Realty
    • 3% to buyer’s broker
    • = 5.25% total commission

This is a $750 savings to End Zone Realty’s Hero Sellers for each $100,000 in sales price (i.e. $1,500 savings for a $200,000 sale price)!

Limited Service Fee Example

  • $499 up-front limited service listing fee:
    • $499 up-front to End Zone Realty
    • A minimum of 2.5% or $1,000 (whichever is greater), recommended 3% or 3.5%, to the buyer’s broker (or no commission if the buyer does not have a broker/REALTOR®)
    • $100 savings up-front for Hero Sellers
    • = $399 up-front to End Zone Realty

The limited service listing fee is already a cost-saving listing option for all clients, and our Hero Sellers get an additional $100 off.

This means — if your buyer doesn’t have a broker of their own and you do your own contract work, negotiations, inspections, closing, etc. — that you could sell your house for as little as $399!


Hero Buyers are just as appreciated as Hero Sellers, but the State of Oklahoma is one of four states in the U.S. to disallow “buyer inducements”. For example, we can’t advertise “if you buy with us as your broker, you’ll get ________ benefit.”

For Hero Buyers looking to obtain a mortgage, we can put you in touch with one or several excellent mortgage lenders who also appreciate your service and can help determine your best loan options.

Hero Registration

Hero Sellers can provide their information via the form below, and we’ll discuss your qualifications and go through the listing process like with any other seller — except you’ll receive exceptional savings.

This is a no-headache, no-nonsense savings from End Zone Realty. Neither the buyer nor the broker will have anything different to mess with. In fact, they won’t even know or care because they’ll still be receiving the full amount of their commission. Your Hero Savings come exclusively from End Zone Realty.

Hero Buyers should also provide their information via the form below. For both buyers and sellers, we will discuss your qualifications (some choose to use the phrase “if everyone’s a hero then no one is”). If you don’t qualify for our Hero Savings, we’d still be glad to have you as a valued client, and we can help educate you about other programs you may qualify for.

If you don’t qualify and you choose to work with us, you’ll still be very well cared for and very much appreciated. If you do qualify, you get all the good — working with us to successfully complete your real estate goals — but it’s even better!

Just register via the form below, and we’ll be in contact with you very soon! In advance, THANKS for your service!!!

Please spread the word to the heroes in your life who may be buying or selling in the Tulsa Area.

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