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This great new resource for local information and data is available to my Buyers and Sellers looking for all the details. Take a look at some sample data below… there’s a lot more where that came from. Contact us if interested in a local market area – and include the address because this can get down to the address level.

Community Overview

Population, demographics, housing turnover, owned / rented / vacant percentages.

Temperature/Climate, weather damage risk compared to national averages, workforce statistics.

Local rental rates based on size of dwelling, crime stats, school info.

AND… cost of living and other stats to compare with any other city in the USA!

Collinsville Community OverviewOnboard Informatics footer

Home Sales Trends

Able to separate existing sales from new construction sales – and Single Family from Multi-Family or Condos.

2 years of comparable data.


Collinsville Home Sales TrendOnboard Informatics footer

Feel free to request your customized report.

*I heart data.*

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