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50 Real Estate Answers


How can End Zone Realty help me as a Buyer?

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In addition to simply enjoying being part of your home buying process — it’s a special time, the start of new memories — we are great at educating, helping buyers make informed decisions. We’re trusted advisors that adhere to ethical standards, state confidentiality laws, and experienced deal makers. We work by the Golden Rule, which […]

How much does it cost to buy a home?

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You should be financially prepared for more than just your monthly mortgage payment. Here are the typical costs associated with buying property: Mortgage application / credit check ($0-$40) Earnest money (personal check or cashier’s check of no less than $500, $1,000, 1%, or whatever amount is agreeable to both buyer and seller) Appraisal fee ($500-$600) […]

Do you work with out of town clients?

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We are a paperless real estate brokerage, which lets us conveniently serve our clients from anywhere with an Internet connection. We can write offers, sign contracts, and even have the title company conduct remote closings as needed to best serve our out-of-town, out-of-state, or even out-of-country buyers. It doesn’t matter how far away you are, […]

Do you sell vacation homes?

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Everyone has a different idea of what a vacation really is, but we can help you find your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th home (a.k.a. vacation home, summer home, lake house, etc.). We also know that these dwellings often have investment potential, as you won’t be living there year-round. Plus, there are concerns with leaving properties […]

Can you help me purchase or build a new home?

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Yes, we enjoy helping clients purchase new construction homes, including custom builds. New construction is a great choice for buyers looking for a move-in ready home. New construction comes with several benefits: 1-year (or longer) builder warranty, all new appliances and utilities, newer home technology and features, and a clean, never-before-lived-in house, ready to be […]

How much does it cost to use a Buyer’s Agent / Realtor / Broker?

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It’s often said, “It doesn’t cost the buyer anything to use a REALTOR®.” This is because all properties listed on the MLS already offer compensation to the buyer’s broker (e.g. End Zone Realty). If the buyer of an MLS listing doesn’t have their own broker, the listing broker receives “both sides” of the compensation. Therefore, since […]

Do you work with First-Time Home Buyers?

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It’s always a pleasure to help individuals, couples, and families with their first home purchase. Using a REALTOR® is particularly beneficial to first-time buyers because the process is entirely new. End Zone Realty’s agents are able, willing, and looking forward to helping new home owners of all experience levels.

What is a lease purchase or an option purchase?

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With an option, you agree to rent a house for say $1500/month instead of the $1000/month rate it would normally go for. The extra $500/mo goes toward your equity, and if you do choose to buy in the agreed time period for the agreed price (at time of moving in, not at a later time […]

How do I decide whether to rent or to buy?

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There are several decision factors to consider. If you’re expecting to live at your next residence for less than 3-5 years, it’s usually advisable not to buy because of the time it takes to build equity enough to at least break even after the cost of selling, especially if buying with a mortgage. Even when […]

What about lease to own, option purchases, owner financing, contract for deed, and other less common purchase transactions?

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If you’re considering one of these purchase types, you’ll likely need a substantial initial deposit (e.g. $10,000). Also, they’re handled like a regular purchase, not like a lease agreement. Please consult the Buyer Resources on our site for additional information. Of course, we invite you to contact us so we can help you with your […]