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What types of countertop materials exist?

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Whether you’re looking to redesign your bathroom or pick your kitchen upgrades for your new construction house, you should know there’s more than just laminate and granite to pick from. Houzz’s Guide to 15 Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials shows examples and discusses pros and cons of these countertop options: Soapstone Granite Copper Quartz Tile Ecofriendly (e.g. salvaged […]

Do I need flood insurance?

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Flood insurance is a separate policy from your homeowners hazard insurance policy. Read more: What is a flood? What’s Covered? If your property is in a high-risk flood zone and you obtain government-backed mortgage financing or obtain conventional financing from an FDIC-insured institution, you’ll be required to obtain flood insurance. Read more: “When Flood Insurance is […]

Should I buy a residential service agreement (i.e. home warranty)?

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Technically termed a “Residential Service Agreement” (RSA), since the word “warranty” has specific legal meaning, a home warranty is a great opportunity for affordable peace of mind. Home warranties are especially beneficial if you end up using them, like any warranty, but even if you don’t make a claim, you can think of it as an insurance policy against […]