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How do I transfer a property from personal to business?

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Whether done on the same day as closing or a period of time later, you can transfer a property you own in your personal name to your business (e.g. LLC, corporation, etc.) or other entity you have controlling interest in (e.g. trust). If you own the property without a mortgage, you can transfer ownership simply […]

When can I bid on a HUD home for sale?

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HUD Bidding Timelines — What owner-occupants and investors need to know about HUD’s Lottery, Exclusive, and Extended Listing Periods so they can know when they can bid.

Do you work foreclosures and distressed properties?

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There are several types of distressed properties that may be purchased: Short sales Pre-foreclosures Foreclosures (a.k.a. bank-owned or REOs) Government-owned Corporate-owned We not only know how to best help you with each type of distressed property, but we also know when to advise against certain purchases for your specific scenario. For example, if you’re needing […]

Do you work with out of town clients?

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We are a paperless real estate brokerage, which lets us conveniently serve our clients from anywhere with an Internet connection. We can write offers, sign contracts, and even have the title company conduct remote closings as needed to best serve our out-of-town, out-of-state, or even out-of-country buyers. It doesn’t matter how far away you are, […]

Do you work with Investors?

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End Zone Realty’s REALTORS® are experienced helping a variety of buyer clients, including investors. Each investor’s goals and each deal is unique, and we help investors make smart investments. We deliver thorough, valuable, actionable information, and handle purchase offer negotiations professionally, evaluating each deal through the investor’s point of view. We believe real estate investors […]