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What types of countertop materials exist?

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Whether you’re looking to redesign your bathroom or pick your kitchen upgrades for your new construction house, you should know there’s more than just laminate and granite to pick from. Houzz’s Guide to 15 Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials shows examples and discusses pros and cons of these countertop options: Soapstone Granite Copper Quartz Tile Ecofriendly (e.g. salvaged […]

Should I pay for inspections when buying a new house?

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The “Blue Tape” Inspection After you’ve contracted on a new home, your builder will schedule a walk-through inspection. Typically, they’ll provide you with a roll of blue painter’s tape and you’ll both walk through the house looking for anything and everything that isn’t right. If there’s a nick in the paint on the wall, put […]

Should I agree to let the builder hold my earnest money deposit?

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When buying or building new construction, it is not usually recommended for the contract to state that the earnest money be held by the builder. Some builders have true trust/escrow accounts, and some do not. The situation we’re trying to avoid is one where your earnest money deposit is not held in trust like it’s required […]

Can you help me purchase or build a new home?

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Yes, we enjoy helping clients purchase new construction homes, including custom builds. New construction is a great choice for buyers looking for a move-in ready home. New construction comes with several benefits: 1-year (or longer) builder warranty, all new appliances and utilities, newer home technology and features, and a clean, never-before-lived-in house, ready to be […]