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· Read in less than a minute offers two great features: 1) one-click unsubscribe and 2) The Rollup, which "combines your selected subscriptions and organizes them into one convenient daily digest email."


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"Clean Up Your Inbox Now." Get to Inbox Zero within a few minutes or a few hours… seriously.

Right Inbox

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Like YesMail but with more features and cheaper price (although YesMail offers more quantity at the free level)


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"Free realtime RSS and Atom feed to email service. Get your favourite blogs, feeds, and news delivered to your inbox."


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"Email Management for Any Inbox. SaneBox does way more than just filtering: SaneBlackHole (unsubscribe with 1 click), SaneSnooze (defer non-urgent emails), SaneReminders (to follow up with people who ignored your emails), SaneAttachments (moving attachments to Dropbox), etc (and LOTS more cool stuff in the works)."

Signals by HubSpot

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"Email tracking." Integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Google Chrome, Apple Mail, Outlook, and has its own iOS app. Can also automatically BCC your CRM. Free plan includes 200 tracked emails per month. Only works for one email account (account switching doesn't work well).


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"CRM in your Inbox." Free plan includes email tracking and send later features. Works well with multiple accounts.


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"Email for Salespeople. Track Emails. Email Templates. Sync to CRM"