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In short, better schools attract more buyers and higher sales prices. Buyers value good school districts and good school ratings even if they don’t have or plan to have children. Considering resale value and long-term desirability is a smart decision when buying. For school ratings and reviews, visit

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GreatSchools has “…profiles for more than 3,200 public, private and charter schools in Oklahoma.” Click Tulsa County or Rogers County to search for school district ratings by county. For example, visit the Owasso School District ratings page and click on “This district’s stats” to really drill down. Or, if you would like to do a nitty-gritty school-finder search, visit

Here is some more information, linked from their “About GreatSchools” page:

“Widely used by parents, educators, policymakers, philanthropists and journalists, GreatSchools reaches more than 35 million unique visitors each year, including 1 in 3 American families with school-age children. Widely used by parents, educators, policymakers, philanthropists and journalists, GreatSchools reaches more than 35 million unique visitors each year, including 1 in 3 American families with school-age children.”

“GreatSchools is the leading source of information on school performance in the country. For more than 10 years, GreatSchools has given parents the information and tools they need to choose the best schools for their children, support their children’s education, and improve schools in their communities.
– 200,000 public/private school profiles
– 800,000 parent reviews and rankings”

“We are supported by major foundations including:
-The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
-The Robertson Foundation
-The Walton Family Foundation”

Relevant how-to articles include Choosing a school: An overviewPrivate versus PublicSearching for securityMaking a school district work for you, and others.

I cannot tell you to pick a certain school or school district, but I can point you to a reputable information provider, like Ratings of academic performance aren’t the only factors of a good school for your children. has ratings, details, and reviews to help you find specific school programs and learn safety concerns, along with other information. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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