At End Zone Realty, our goal is to help each client have their own winning season. This is accomplished by doing the little things right — the fundamentals, as they say in sports. Like a winning football team, we understand a winning client experience requires preparation, communication and sometimes coaching, strategies (game plan), and teamwork.

With each client interaction, we have a long-term vision for understanding your goals, helping you achieve them, and keeping our integrity and reputation at the highest levels. Together, we can be a championship team.

In today’s digital age, every moment of a college or pro football game is captured from multiple angles via custom camera and communications technology. Millions of people watch football games in person, live on TV, replays and DVR, highlights and re-runs. There’s so much football media; it’s just essential.

That’s how we feel about real estate media. The internet is here to stay, and devices are becoming more portable every year. As a result, buyers shop for homes at all times of the day, searching online for the few they want to visit in person. Even in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area — the Northeast Oklahoma “Green Country” — there are thousands of properties for sale at any given time. Studies have shown that sellers and buyers value high quality photos and real video (not photo slideshows). That’s why we are committed to high quality real estate media.

Over 70% of Sellers said they’d prefer to list with an agent that used video
– Internal Study from 2010

End Zone Realty uses real video and high quality photos because everyone benefits: sellers appreciate the full marketing effort; buyers are attracted to well-presented listings; and we benefit because our listings always look good, which helps with client satisfaction and referrals.

Homes shot with a DSLR camera:

  • Receive an average of 61% more views than their peers across all price tiers.
  • Have a 47% higher asking price per square foot.
  • Have an increased likelihood of selling for homes priced above $300,000.
  • Stay on the market an average of 10 days longer across all price tiers.
  • Homes with professional photographs get more page views and ultimately sell for a higher price.

Redfin analysis from 2010

At other brokerages, the quality of the real estate media usually depends on each individual agent because the broker doesn’t contribute to real estate media marketing, which we view as one of the most important and valued parts of real estate marketing.

Great photos and real video are provided by End Zone Realty for all our agents’ listings, just like every NFL football game is filmed with the best equipment and media display.

Our commitment to smart marketing and good communications keeps us performing as a championship team.

Pick End Zone Realty

We aim to provide great value, not just the lowest price.

We believe that our no hassle, high value limited service listing package provides sellers with the best FSBO MLS experience possible.

We take pride in and promote our photos and videos, helping your listing gain additional exposure and looking its best while doing so.