Tulsa Real Estate Statistics by Month

Following is a bunch of statistics and insights for you to get a grasp of the Tulsa Metro Area residential real estate market.


Data is from various TulsaRealtors.com Housing Stats reports, which are generated by REStats Navigator and cover Creek, Okmulgee, Osage, Pawnee, Rogers, Tulsa, and Wagoner Counties. I have discovered data inconsistencies (e.g. June 2011 numbers from the June 2014 report differ from the June 2011 report’s numbers). As such, the numbers I’ve used should be relatively accurate and generally consistent with whichever data point is most accurate (no way to know). Overall, the information is believed to be reliable but is not guaranteed. Use at your own risk.


Updates will occur periodically. If there’s data you’re curious about or a chart you’d like to see updated, please just contact us and let us know.

Closings by Month

This is likely the most thorough Closings chart you’ve ever seen; it covers 9 years!

Notice 2010’s June-to-July difference. This is an effect from the great recession’s housing bubble burst. Oklahoma typically lags in both increases and decreases.

Also take note of 2016’s tying or beating 2015’s numbers almost every month.

Tulsa Real Estate Statistics by Month


Closings by Year

Curious what all those monthly numbers add up to? I added them all up to provide you with annual numbers:

  • 2008: 11,952
  • 2009: 11,901
  • 2010: 9,951 (lowest)
  • 2011: 10,074
  • 2012: 11,782
  • 2013: 12,922
  • 2014: 13,402
  • 2015: 13,348
  • 2016: 14,088 (highest)

For your viewing pleasure, a chart of the annual closings:

Tulsa Real Estate Statistics by Year