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Tulsa Real Estate Contractors

Interviewing and Hiring Contractors

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Infographic published by Build Direct, designed by Angie’s List, embedded from Visual.ly What you’ll learn about Contractors Questions a contractor shouldn’t ask you Handymen vs. Contractors Tips to ensure a quality experience For buying and selling real estate, please contact me. Additionally, I may be able to provide you with professionals in related industries like […]

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How to Post to Craigslist using HTML

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Craigslist HTML Tags Sometimes the answers are so simple… visit http://www.craigslist.org/about/help/html_in_craigslist_postings/details for all the HTML tags. Craigslist HTML Examples And http://www.craigslist.org/about/help/html_in_craigslist_postings/ has examples. Do it for Me If you want http://www.postlets.com/ to do it for you, you can, but at least you now know where to find Craigslist HTML info. You can also search Google […]

Writing SEO blog posts, listing descriptions, and blurbs

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Whether you control the backend of the website you’re posting to (e.g. endzonerealty.com) or not (www.zillow.com), you have control of the content. And content is the most important factor in trying to show up in search results. If you control your own website (i.e. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.), you can use “keywords” (a “meta tag”), but they’re […]

Best Garage Sale Tips Ever

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Garage sales can be a fun, profitable, and enjoyable part of life, especially when moving or doing some Spring Cleaning. They can also be hectic and disorganized (not the goal of a garage sale). Hopefully the following info helps inspire you and ease your burden. Helpful Links http://www.theawkwardturtle.com/2009/02/23/yard-sales/ http://www.weekendtreasure.com/tips/index.php http://www.wvu.edu/~exten/infores/pubs/fypubs/wlg90.pdf http://www.ifg-inc.com/Consumer_Reports/GarageSale.shtml http://www.garagesalehunter.com/ Why I Like Garage […]

Everyday is a Holiday – Calendars, Events, History, and Fun!

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I like things that are able to be categorized, listed, bullet-pointed, calculated, mapped, and calendarized. No doubt, I am someone who likes orderly things, like financial analysis, CMAs, geotagging, address validation, mining databases, and browsing calendars. In a positive and reflective way, I believe there’s something to remember (and hopefully celebrate) every day: life, family, history, and […]

Why should I blog? I’m just a REALTOR…

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If you’re a REALTOR®, you should blog. Here’s why: Writing–even if it’s just in your secret journal–makes you a smarter person. Do it for them. Do it for you. How does anyone know you’re really a professional unless you share what you know? You don’t have to publicly divulge all your industry secrets, but share some […]

ActiveRain Points: The First 10,000 are the Hardest

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If you’re a real estate professional, you should join the ActiveRain community because: There are tens of thousands of your peers from across the nation. The interaction is unbeatable. And you’ll learn how things are the same and different around the country. AR scores well with search engines. The more active you are on AR, the […]

Don’t Litter Our Oklahoma Streets

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Recently, I witnessed a very sad occurance while driving. It left me scarred. Curious? Well, shortly before turning into my neighborhood, I watched–to my horror–the car in front of me just through out a large, plastic QuikTrip cup out of its window. It hurt so bad to watch it, and it was worse that there […]