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Everyday is a Holiday – Calendars, Events, History, and Fun!

Fun · Read in 6 minutes 

I like things that are able to be categorized, listed, bullet-pointed, calculated, mapped, and calendarized. No doubt, I am someone who likes orderly things, like financial analysis, CMAs, geotagging, address validation, mining databases, and browsing calendars. In a positive and reflective way, I believe there’s something to remember (and hopefully celebrate) every day: life, family, history, and […]

FREE Job Estimating Software for Investors, Rehabbers, Builders, Repairmen, or Homeowners

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SuperBuild.com‘s FREE Job Estimating Software: “The easiest way for contractors to create fast, accurate and detailed estimates.” Learn more Benefit Guide: http://www.superbuild.com/App_Themes/Default/pdf/EasyBenefitGuide.pdf User Guide: http://www.superbuild.com/App_Themes/homedepot/pdf/UserGuide.pdf Walk-through Orientation/Training: http://www.superbuild.com/ondemand/Orientation%20Training%20v3.htm I discovered this product by clicking on a link at Home Depot’s website. You can see their branded version here: http://www.superbuild.com/productoverview.aspx?partner=homedepot (notice the “?partner=homedepot” part of the URL… Just remove […]

HGTV’s “Designers’ Portfolio”: Get Inspired — Search by Room, Style, Color, and/or Designer!

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What a great tool from HGTV! HGTV’s Designers’ Portfolio Get Inspired Searched for: Kitchens, Contemporary, Brown, Any Designer Searched for: Bedrooms, English Country, Pink, Any Designer Searched for: Any Room, Any Style, Black, Christopher J. Grubb Searched for: Bedrooms, Transitional, Red, Any Designer Searched for: Living Rooms, Transitional, Green, Any Designer What Will You Think of […]