The Most Popular Website in the World

Think about your own Internet usage. Once you boot your computer and open the web, where do you go, if even for a second?

Let’s just say, “You’re not alone if you’re on Facebook!

Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner ranks popular websites’ traffic. You can search for a specific domain or click to see the Ad Planner top 1,000 sites:

DoubleClick Ad Planner Search Box

DoubleClick Ad Planner Search Box

In order to make the June 2010 list, a site needed to have at least 3.8 million “Unique Visitors (users)”.

June 2010’s Top 20 Most-Visited Sites on the Web:


If you live in the U.S., like me, you probably haven’t visited all of the sites because several are mostly used in other countries, like China and Japan.


You can compare your Internet usage to the list and see if your behavior relates. If you’re going to promote yourself or your business online, you need to make sure that your promotion and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts are directed to the places your potential and current customers already visit. Of course, there are other ways your online presence (and advertisements) reach customers at different sites (e.g. Google AdWords ads) that, in total, is of great benefit. However, I’d like to especially highlight Currently, it’s #1, and this isn’t a recent trophy.

Here’s an example thought process you might have:

  1. Facebook’s traffic is #1.
  2. Facebook Ads can be targeted like a sniper rifle!
    1. By location:
      1. National
      2. Regional
      3. Hyper-local
    2. By interest:
      1. Also connected to Page ABC, Group DEF, Event GHI, or Application XYZ (examples)
      2. Not connected to a certain Page, Group, Event, or Application (opposite of above)
      3. Like/Interest in fill in the blank
    3. By characteristics:
      1. By gender, age, educational level, sexual orientation, relationship status, and languages
      2. On people’s birthdays
  3. Facebook Ads provide a lot of information about your potential clients (i.e. statistics).
  4. Facebook is growing consistently, even outside of the domain.
  5. Whether I love or hate Facebook, I should have a personal/business presence on Facebook.

Once you’re on Facebook, improve your Facebook presence. Then get a Facebook advertisement to attract attention to you/r business. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and you don’t have to spend money forever, but set $25-100+ aside just to try it out.

In addition to the cost of any ads, I can help you with your Facebook profile and page, Facebook ad, other social networking sites, your website, your blog, your _________, and tying them all together. I’ll tell you it takes time, but it’s not worth doing if you’re not going to do it right. The good news is that it’s not all hard; you can do things in steps; and you must do it over time. Flash-in-the-pan popularity/presence is not the goal for someone with a long-term horizon. Just let me know how I can help.

What Do People Want? What Do You Want? (Categories)

  • Search Engines / Information: You want to be found on all of them, not just Google
    • Google doesn’t rank itself, but we all know it’s near/at the top.
    • Microsoft, Yahoo, and Ask are other very popular search engines.
    • Wikipedia was ranked #5 overall. It’s not a search engine that any site can be on, but it signifies people’s continual search for easy-to-access, in-depth information (even if not always 100% flawless, but nobody’s perfect ;).
  • Media: You should have your own (especially video)
    • YouTube‘s #2 ranking signifies the importance of video.
    • Flickr at #26 and PhotoBucket at #27 signify the importance of photos.
  • Blogging: You should have your own
    • is #12 and is #49, signifying people’s writing and reading of blogs across all topics. Having a blog of your own helps others relate to you and see your personality.
  • Shopping: Know your audience’s trends, even if you don’t sell here
  • Social Networks: You want to be found here and use them effectively
    • According to June 2010’s traffic, the rankings (in order) are Facebook (#1), Twitter (#15), MySpace (#25), and LinkedIn (#46).
    • Twitter’s “Unique Visitors (users)” was 18% of Facebook’s, 50% greater than MySpace’s, and 260% greater than LinkedIn’s.
  • Real Estate (U.S.-only traffic from July 2010): (I included this only because I’m a real estate agent and I serve real estate clients.) If you have real estate to display or advertise, make sure it can be found at the most visited sites (and choose me as your REALTOR® ;)!

Note: I searched for specific sites individually. I did not reference a real estate websites list. But I was as accurate and thorough as Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner query tool would easily allow.

Are You Surprised?

How do these traffic rankings compare to your usage? Is there a site you’re surprised didn’t rank higher? Let me know by making a comment.

In Conclusion

Get good at Facebook and Twitter. Get a Facebook ad. (FYI: At the time of this post, Twitter did not offer advertisement options.)

Make sure you can be found by the search engines.

Add some video to your online presence, whether at YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or all of them.

If you have a blog, write in it–all the time or occasionally are both better than never.

If you sell stuff, try to sell where people visit. (In case you were wondering, is #37.)

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