TV Show Schedules in My Area

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Why Should I Care?

I own a television. I sometimes watch it. Usually, however, my schedule revolves around family, work, or fun events, not TV events. I guess that’s why some genious created the idea of DVR. Another benefit… commercial skipping… nice!

Maybe you watch TV and enjoy the commercials or you DVR shows to watch on your own time. Or maybe you don’t watch TV but have experienced first-hand that if you plan an event around a big TV event, your attendance can suffer. So TV show schedules can help us all!

Red TVs

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TV Show Schedules

If you’re wondering when and where television shows will be airing and when season premieres start, check out these sites:

Fall Premieres:


Zip Code-specific scheduling:



To setup your zip code-specific schedule, you’ll need to specify your zip code and then your TV signal type (e.g. “Broadcast”, “Cable”, or “DIRECTV”). It’s that simple.

There’s an App for That

TV Guide has a free app (currently for iPhone and iPod Touch):

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