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What do you want to see in this decade’s newest construction plans? The NAHB has an idea…

…The National Association of Home Builders is offering up a vision of how we’ll live in just four years–and it’s a little different than what you might expect.

The NAHB sent out a survey last year that asked members–designers, architects, manufacturers, and more– what they think homes will look like in 2015. Some of the results aren’t that surprising. The survey reveals that the average single-family home is likely to drop to 2,150 square feet from 2,400 square feet today, probably as a result of tough economic times and rising energy prices.

That drop in square footage will lead to the living room disappearing altogether, instead being swallowed up by the kitchen or family room to form a single “great room.”

A more important future trend is the use of resource-efficient features.

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