Why should I blog? I’m just a REALTOR…

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If you’re a REALTOR®, you should blog. Here’s why:

  • Writing–even if it’s just in your secret journal–makes you a smarter person.
    • Do it for them. Do it for you.
  • How does anyone know you’re really a professional unless you share what you know?
    • You don’t have to publicly divulge all your industry secrets, but share some informational- and experiential-love with the world.
  • 90% of Buyers use the Internet in their home search. There are more web surfers and information hoarders than there are Buyers. Can your intended audience find you?

Everyone is famous to 1,500 people. Some people are even famous to 3,000. –Seth Godin

  • Blogging earns more Internet traffic. You deserve more business if you blog.

Need advice on setting up a blog or connecting your blog to social media outlets like your business’ Facebook Page, Twitter account, and more? That’s what TourKick does. In fact, write 3 blog posts, then contact them. You’ll have a better idea where your wacky words are taking you… And then you can get help from there.

Do you blog? If you do, share a link to your blog below and a sentence about why you blog. If not, start small and make a comment below. Come on; it feels good!

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With respect and encouragement… Get started! 🙂

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